Kate Upton Underwear Expose

After she's pregnancy fake rumoured, Kate Upton pose for Victoria's Secret Underwear Expose things for some Victoria’s Secret calendar while making us dizzy once again with her fantastic supermodel figure.maybe this way to prooving thats she's not pregnant.

Actually,the Kate Upton pictures bellow are more than these,which has more expose for her sexy body.but we'll show you a good pose only.grapefull pictures.

Kate Upton for Victoria Secret underwear Calendar, 2012.

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Annalynne McCord Bad Wardrobe 2011


Annalynne McCord look wearing a good wardrobe when its seen come front when she's Goes Shopping in Venice.but its look so bad when seen from back.lets take a look her picture.we wants to add her to bad celebrity wardrobe list at this years.

Annalynne McCord When Goes Shopping in Venice

Annalynne+McCord+Shopping+in+Venice+front.jpg Annalynne+McCord+Shopping+in+Venice+front02.jpg Annalynne+McCord+Shopping+in+Venice+back.jpg

Wupps..., that so bad wardrobe on this years.its so nasty.
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Jessica Lowndes Nightclubs Costum, London


For all fans of Jessica Lowndes,here we have some great pictures about her.Jessica Lowndes wearing a see trough dress and high stockings where she's spotted out and about in London, England.The “90210” star looked great as she hit up the Embassy nightclub in London’s Mayfair district.grapefruits for her look.don't forget to buy me a cup of coffee if you like with the pictures.lol !

Jessica Lowndes on nightclub in London’s 2011

jessica+lowndes+see+trough+costum+london1.jpg jessica+lowndes+see+trough+costum+london2.jpg jessica+lowndes+see+trough+costum+london3.jpg jessica+lowndes+see+trough+costum21.jpg
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Ashley Greene : what she's looking for ?


Ashley Greene looking very confussed when she's arriving at Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver,Canada,april 15,2011.wearing a big sunglass,big jackets and and a big travel bags on her hands,she's look so bussy.The "Skateland" star walked through the terminal as she waited for her flight back to Los Angeles.

Ashley Greene at Vancouver International Airport,Canada

ashley-greene-confussed-at-Vancouver-International-Airport5.jpg ashley-greene-confussed-at-Vancouver-International-Airport4.jpg ashley-greene-confussed-at-Vancouver-International-Airport6.jpg ashley-greene-confussed-at-Vancouver-International-Airport2.jpg
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Rachael Leigh Cook at Lucky Shops LA

Rachael Leigh Cook wearing a thigh dress when she pose on Lucky magazine,thats will make the Rachael fans to speculated thats she's pregnant.the "Final Fantasy VII" actress is now 31 year old,but she's still awesome look for photoshoot.maybe we need to know her secrets how to keep body like chic at the 31 olds,just like Kelly Ripa on the pregnancy for baby number four.

Rachael Leigh Cook – Lucky Magazine Host The First Annual “Lucky Shops LA” at Siren Studios in Los Angeles

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Leighton Meester in Casual Shot


Here the picture of Leighton Meester when she pose on Nylon Magazines,april 17,2011.
Leighton wearing casual wardrobe when photoshoot pose for Nylon.

Leighton+Meester+nylonmagz02.jpg Leighton+Meester+nylonmagz02.jpg Leighton+Meester+nylonmagz02.jpg

Great pose for Leighton Meester,there is no provocative pose on there,but cute.
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Kelly Ripa : keep her body chic in pregnant baby number four


Eventhough the supermodels,Kelly Ripa pregnant for baby number four,she still look great body chic.i'm sure she's takes a lot of work to keep her supermodel bodies.
here some picture of Kelly Ripa when she's attend to the Madame Tussauds Museum in New York City.

Kelly Ripa "The Spirit of Wax" at Madame Tussauds Museum,NY

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Kelly Brook Pregnant in Casual Wear

Kelly brook said to announced her pregnancy that she's happy with a bulging baby bump.
Thom and I are happy to announce we’re expecting a baby girl. We’re delighted!” Kelly Brook tweeted.
although we all knowing thats Kelly's now flaunts in the new series of Reebok ads,so i thinks she's trying to hide her pregnancy by wearing a casual jeans and leather jacket to hide her baby bump body.the question is,can Kelly hide the baby bump for so long time ? i don't think so.its look no work to hide it from us.lets see the pictures.

Kelly Brook Pregnant in Casual Jeans Picture

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Nicole Scherzinger leather pants

Lets see the ex "pussycatdolls" former,Nicole Scherzinger when she walk around the street on LA by wearing a very hot black leather pants and also with jackets.we thinks we didn't hear about nicole for a long times,after she split with the pussycatdolls.but at this moments,she look sexy a those costumn.let she her now.

Nicole Scherzinger sexy in hot black leather pants

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Lily Allen Wedding Invitation With Tractor


Lily Allen,the 'smile' singer will married againts Sam Cooper,after their engaged in Bali on Christmas day.their were concept the very unique wedding invitation.(like the pictures bellow).

Celebrity like Kate Moss, Dizzee Rascal, Mark Ronson and Professor Green are among those who are receiving one of the comical invites, which depict Lily as a farmer’s wife and tell guests to leave June 11 free for their big day, which will take place in Gloucestershire.and at the big day,Lily and Sam will ride to the weeding by the farm vehicles, Tractor.
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Paris Hilton Shoe Collection Launches


The rich girls Paris Hilton,and also [stupid celebrity] has launches her shoes collection,named with "Paris Hilton: The Shoe Collection".let see her event picture.

paris-hilton-shoe-collection-launches-400x600-4.jpg paris-hilton-shoe-collection-launches-400x600-3.jpg paris-hilton-shoe-collection-launches-400x600-2.jpg
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