Karolina Kurkova looks a Lot Like Heidi Klum

Here is beautiful supermodel Karolina Kurkova modeling freshly injected super lips at a gig on behalf of Victoria's Secret. [cosmetic-makeovers.com]

Karolina Kurkova-supermodel-thumb Heidi Klum-supermodel-thumb
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Lindsay Lohan poses in a Calvin Klein dress


Lindsay Lohan poses in a Calvin Klein dress at the Heart Truth Red Dress fashion show at New York Fashion Week on Friday. The annual charity show features celebrity models and guest designers to raise awareness about women’s heart disease. — Reuters

Lindsay_Lohan_255 Lindsay_Lohan_423 Lindsay_Lohan_gallery
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Christina Schmidt-Top plus size Fashion Model and Celebrity Profile


Christina Schmidt is a 19-year-old Canadian plus-size model and actress whose beauty, confidence, and talent have earned her professional acclaim, and have made her a role model for a generation of full-figured girls.
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Pretty Anne Hathaway On white Dress

top_sexy_model-Anne Hathaway

Pretty Anne Hathaway On white Dress
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Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up Album

Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

The Pussycat Dolls photo from When I Grow Up Album.
when i saw Pussycat Dolls,they alway used a lether black lingerie as her costumes on the stage.i never seen the pussycat dolls used a sexy dress like lingerie,or night dress.but,i thinks they are the most sexy women on this planet.
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Beyonce Knowles & Scarlett Johansson in a new Disney advertising campaign

Beyonce_Knowles Scarlett_Johansson

Singer Beyonce Knowles, actress Scarlett Johansson and footballer David Beckham are among the stars appearing in a new Disney advertising campaign.

Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the celebrities in various fairytale guises in a promotion for Walt Disney's theme parks.

Recruited by Disney to promote Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Year of a Million Dreams campaign, Leibovitz persuaded her famous friends to dress up as classic Disney characters. The first images in this ongoing series will appear in the March issues of Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, GQ, Conde Nast Traveller, Cookie and The New Yorker reports USA TODAY.
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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2008: Top model Eva Padberg and the new Mercedes-Benz CLC


Leading model Eva Padberg and the new Mercedes sports coupé CLC share top billing in the key visual for the second Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, which takes place from January 27 - 31, 2008. The new CLC will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the fashion event.

The purpose of the key visual is twofold: It will be used as a motif on adverts, posters and event materials promoting the Berlin event, and at the same time will generate interest and a sense of anticipation in advance of the world premiere of the new CLC, because the photo reveals only part of the sport coupé. Most of the body is hidden by the vivid yellow fabric of the evening gown worn by Eva Padberg. The CLC will then be revealed in all its beauty on January 27, 2008 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2008.

Top_model_Eva_Padberg-Mercedes-Benz_Fashion_Berlin Top_model_Eva_Padberg-Mercedes-Benz_Fashion_Berlin
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British designer Katharine Hamnett enjoys fashionable return


ROME (Reuters Life!) - British designer Katharine Hamnett is relishing a comeback now that the fashion world has finally caught up with her campaigning notions about clothes.

Hamnett stormed off the fashion stage four years ago after her pleas to use organic cotton fell on deaf ears.

But the designer whose oversized T-shirts with slogans like "Choose Life" and "Use a Condom" were all the rage in the 1980s is enjoying a return now that "ethical fashion" is in vogue.

"Years ago when I was talking about this I was a voice in the wilderness and now I have people come up to me and say 'Oh, you were right all along,"' Hamnett said in an interview at Rome fashion week, where she was promoting ethical fashion.

Once a fixture on the London catwalk scene, Hamnett severed her contracts with licensees in 2004 to commit what she calls "commercial suicide" and went back to selling T-shirts when her social and environmental initiatives drew little support. [ read more ]
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Leggy Shoes Modeling


Leggy Shoes Modeling
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Friedrich Gray 07 modeling fashion show


From fragility to sporty punky garments.right model on the right side is Sophie Ward, sister of super model Gemma Ward.
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Anna Sui Spring Fashion Show 2007


The only designer that does Boho right is Anna Sui. Anna Sui's was pure unadulterated fun, with models who smiled, had punky stripes in their hair and and wore outfits that somehow merged the 30s with the 70s.

Sui concentrated on funky prints, great colour combos and mixing textures like chiffon and denim, silk and sequins, for a beautiful collection that put a modern spin on very retro shapes. Though hard to wear in reality, the high-waisted hotpants teamed with puff-sleeved blouses and layered tops were really cute, as were the signature printed dresses in diaphanous fabrics.

Easy tailoring was gorgeous too, with great wide-leg high waisted trousers teamed with waistcoats and 3/4 sleeve jackets. puffed sleeves, bows and scarves kept the look feminine and not too Bugsy Malone. The shoes had a 70s vibe - high platforms and perspex chunky heels.
[ debutanteclothing.com ]

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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Runner-Up, Anya, Signs With Elite Modelling

Anya Rozova-America’s Top Model-thumbs

Anya Rozova, who went by Anya Kop on the last season of America's Next Top Model, signed with Elite Model Management on Friday. She may have come in second on the show, behind Whitney Thompson, but she's scored a spot on the agency's development board. Booker Jose Covarrubias says the agency asked for her after the show ended. And she came to them with brown hair (her natural shade — she dyed it back from her ANTM blond, which she found too hard to maintain).

Covarrubias told us Rozova's already done "some editorials" but was unable to give specifics. "She's getting great response," he added. Does this mean we might see her at Fashion Week? "Right now she's building her book. We're treating her as any other model. For Fashion Week we have no plans other than — she's based in New York, she's going to go out and see everyone."

Each season Elite plucks non-winners from the ANTM cast. Rozova's former housemate and competitor, Katarzyna Dolinska, was signed "the second she lost." "Last season was a great batch," Covarrubias added. "Whitney's kicking butt, Anya's kicking butt, Katarzyna's kicking butt. We're doing really well with the three girls we ended up with." Wow, ANTM girls actually modeling.
[ nymag.com ]

Anya Rozova-America’s Top Models-thumbs Anya Rozova-America’s Top Models-thumbs Anya Rozova-America’s Top Models-thumbs Anya Rozova-America’s Top Models-thumbs
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Eva Longoria: Tony Cut My Hair!


“Tony cut my hair!” Eva Longoria, 33, tells Entertainment Tonight.

“I had to cut my hair for the show because Gabrielle has short hair,” she says. “I wore a wig in the last episode, but I didn’t want to wear a wig this whole season, so I was like, ‘I’m going to cut it!’”

She says her hairstylist Ken Paves forced Parker to make the first move.

“He said, ‘Tony, you’re going to do the first cut, so she can’t be mad at me,’” she says. “Tony did the first snip. He did more and then he did more and then Kenny cleaned it up.”

She also revealed how she is packing on the pounds the next season of Desperate Housewives.

To make Gabrielle look like she has two kids, Longoria says she now eats “everything in sight! Pasta … pizza.

“Tony and I went crazy this summer!” says Longoria, who also stopped working out.

Her other secret for looking heavier? “I have butt pads, I have thigh pads, I have stomach pads!”

Housewives creator Marc Cherry said at the Television Critics Association on Thursday that he plans to end the ABC series after seven seasons. The fifth season airs this fall.

Eva-Longoria-47.JPG eva-longoria-1024 Eva-Longoria-1b

Eva Longoria Photo Gallery
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Barbara Walters vs James Van Praagh

Barbara Walters-thumb

Barbara Walters has a new feud on her hands and this time it is with the Executive Producer of Ghost Whisperer according to The New York Post. James was on The View July 7th to promote his book Ghost Among Us and warned her during a commercial break that he sensed something wrong with her blood.

“He said, ‘I need to talk to you . . . There’s something wrong with your blood.’ Then he said, ‘There’s also something wrong with your lower back.’

“He said it could be an infection.”

The news prayed on her mind, even though “I’m skeptical and Mr. Van Praagh knows it,” she said.

“I’m obsessing, the white blood cells, blah-blah,” so she went for some tests, she said on the show.

“Well, today I got the report. I am absolutely normal!” she said.

“I think it’s a dangerous thing to do!” she said of Van Praagh.

Van Praagh was stunned and, he says, hurt when he saw the show.

“I felt obliged to privately acknowledge to Barbara Walters that I was sensing an abnormality with her white cell count,” he told The Post over the weekend, “And even though it might not be present at the moment, she should be aware of it and keep an eye on it.

“I am sorry that Ms. Walters chose to publicly disparage me and do hope that the goodwill I demonstrated during the show is not belittled by her misinterpretation of my work.”

And, oh yes, he added, “You don’t have to be a psychic to know why Star [Jones] and Rosie [O’Donnell] left the show!

“I felt darts being thrown all around,” Van Praagh said. “For a ’sensitive’ to be on that couch, it was like sitting on ice!”

Maybe all the bad blood he saw was not her real red blood, but all the bad blood she has with people?
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An U.S. Appeals court has ruled in favor of CBS and over turned the $550,000 fine that was given to CBS Corporation for Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl half-time show according to Reuters.

" The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit said the U.S. Federal Communications Commission “arbitrarily and capriciously departed from its prior policy” that exempted fleeting broadcast material from actionable indecency violations.

“Moreover, the FCC cannot impose liability on CBS for the acts of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, independent contractors hired for the limited purposes of the Halftime Show..,” wrote Chief Judge Anthony Scirica for the three-judge panel that heard the case."

The U.S. Appeals court sided with CBS because the FCC has become way to powerful and uptight. We need to have some freedom of speech on TV and the FCC should not dictate what is vulgar obscene because the PTC complain in droves.
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Nicollette Sheridan had dinner at Datana’s restaurant last night in West Hollywood, California. Nicollette looked stunning in a strapless aqua dress and was accompanied by a female companion. Blue really looks great on the Television star.
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Kimora Lee Simmons launch of her Fabulosity collection for JCPenney wasn’t fabulous for everyone

Kimora Lee Simmons

A guest tells us the event at Hiro was “so disorganized” that several people walked out because there were no seats. “It was a disaster,” said our spy. “When we complained, we were offered bottles of champagne to stay.” Another source said attendees were groping for freebies and stealing diamond-shaped Fabulosity perfume bottles. Simmons’ rep said, “There was no designated seating, there was a VIP area that was Kimora’s for executives. And no one paid for anything.”
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Celebrity Designers. The 'Reality' of Whitney Port's Fashion Label

Whitney Port-thumb

WWD reports, co-star Whitney Port is the latest cast member seeking to capitalize on the show's popularity with young women, creating a contemporary label called Eve & A. Bitter rivals Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, started apparel lines within the last year.

Launching for fall with 20 pieces wholesaling from $50 to $220, Eve & A is intended to be sophisticated enough to go from the office to a cocktail party with its mix-and-match pieces in silk and wool. Heavy on black, the line features judicious pops of bright colors, including purple and Port's favorite hue of pink (that figures).

"I wanted people to feel more daring," said Port to WWD, who came up with the label's moniker by combining her middle name with the first letter of co-creative director Adrienne Baravetto's first name. Brilliant!
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Hollywood star Maggie Gyllenhaal had to limp down the red carpet in New York City, at Monday’s Batman premiere, after breaking her toe. Maggie,who stars opposite Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger in the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, suffered the fracture after slamming her foot against some furniture in her home. She blames the accident on her nerves ahead of the film’s big release, telling television talk show host David Letterman on Wednesday, “I’m like this indie actress, and I have this big movie, and all of a sudden I have a broken toe. I think it was because I was nervous about all this stuff. This big, huge movie all of a sudden, and I just walked across the room and I broke my toe.” But the star reveals she was too stunned to feel any pain from the break, saying: “I guess it hurt. My boyfriend (actor Peter Sarsgaard) was impressed with how broken it was.”
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Sienna Miller to move in with married lover Balthazar Getty

Sienna-Miller-thumb sienna_miller_picture.jpg

Her love life has been super messy in the past so you’d think Sienna Miller would take it slowly with her new bloke.

But no, she’s about to move in with father-of-four Balthazar Getty - just a few weeks after dumping Rhys Ifans.

Sienna has already become a familiar fixture among the plush furnishings of Balti’s LA mansion.

And when the actor - who is heir to a mindboggling £25billion fortune - invited her to move in after a holiday in Italy, romantic Sienna already had her toothbrush ready.

A source said: “Before they went on holiday Sienna was staying over at Balti’s place all the time.

His wife and four children had moved out so they took full advantage.

Sienna told a few friends that Balti had made some noises about moving in. Then during the holiday their feelings for each other got stronger.

“She doesn’t really want to move into the family home because of all the history with his ex wife, so they are planning to buy somewhere new. But her friends are worried she’s rushing into it.”

We bet they are. Sienna, 26, returned to London yesterday, while Balti, 33, stayed on in Italy for his son Cassius’s eighth birthday.

Her ex Rhys was keen for her to return - only because thoughtful Sienna changed the locks to her flat before her holiday.

A source said: “Rhys left a load of clothes, books and things at her place but had to wait until she got back to get them. The last thing he wanted to do is see Sienna. Those pics of her on holiday with Getty really stuck the knife in.”
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Jessica Simpson at the Century Celebrity Golf Championship

Jessica_Simpson_00 Jessica_Simpson_01 Jessica_Simpson_02 Jessica_Simpson_004
Jessica_Simpson_005 Jessica_Simpson_006 Jessica_Simpson_007 Jessica_Simpson_008

Jessica looks adorable. I can’t imagine a more ridiculous pair of shoes to wear to a golf championship. Who wears platforms on a golf course? I have to say Jess is making a comeback lately, she looks incredible!

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Holly Madison:openly spoke about plastic surgery


Holly has openly spoke about plastic surgery. She told in magazine interviews that she had to talk "Hef" into letting her get a rhinoplasty nose job and breast augmentation because he's seen many bad results. She ultimately succeeded by removing the bump from her nose and going from an A cup breast to a D cup.

Holly_Madison-thumb Holly_Madison-02_thumb Holly_Madison-03_thumb
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Beyonce Knowles Ready For The Fashion Show In Milan

naked_beyonce Knowles-thumb

Beyonce Knowles, and her boyfriend Jay Z seen going out to a fashion show in Milan.Beyonce you deserve someone better than Jay Z , he looks so ugly in comparison to you.

naked_beyonce Knowles_1-thumb naked_beyonce Knowles-2_thumb naked_beyonce Knowles-3_thumb

Sexy Beyonce Knowles Picture
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