HillaryDuff : get back smoking after birth child

To keep her baby health, Hilary Duff had time to stop smoking during pregnancy. But after her baby boy was born, Hilary recently get back to Her habit, smoking. As reported by the Dailymail, the 24 years artist do not hesitate to walk in public by holding a cigarette. In fact, today Hilary still be breastfeeding her son, Luca Cruz, who was born last March 20,2012. Hilary was seen leaving the pub and Reilly's Rock, West Hollywood. Apparently, the new hollywood mom's just to have fun spending time with her friends. Hilary appeared wearing a white shirt combined with blue pants. by flowing hair, She looks a faint smile to everyone. Postpartum, Hilary had done in various ways to restore the shape. But what She's not afraid of cigarettes will affect to her breast feeding?
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Kristen Stewart : Casual in The Red Carpet Event

In previous week ago, the Twilight star Kristen Stewart was shocking the ​​public due to attend the red carpet event by wearing sneakers. and Now, She's do it again. Quted from Dailymail (19/6), Kristen Stewart was present at the premiere of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNSTMEN in Australia with Louboutins shoes. But, Kristen Stewart immediately replace her Louboutins shoe with Converse sneakers, its certainly more comfortable on her feet. As Always, Kristen Stewart which is 22 years old now seems to only show graceful appearance when highlighted by the cameras. The rest, She's more copmfortable in casual wear. On this occasion, Kristen also showed something else unusual. the Robert Pattinson girlfriends is usually performed in public with a cold face without a smile, this time Kristen showing a lot of smile and laughing for all people around her. Kristen Stewart is known as an artist and She's would rather look like a man. But some time ago, She said that She grew to love that is graceful dress made ​​her look more beautiful.
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Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis : ending their romance story

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split and ending their romance story. finally they're decided to split up after 14 years of living together. The decision to split coincide by the departure of Vanessa to France for promote the latest film, Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petit. "Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have parted ways amicably. Please respect their privacy and, more important is the privacy of children. The decision was taken before her (Paradis) into the plane," Johnny said. Just for note, the Jack Sparrow actor and Vanessa Paradis had been living together without marriage for 14 years. They have two children, Lily-Rose (13) and Jack (9). "I was married more than anyone, we have two children. Maybe someday (married), but this (having children) is something I can do without getting married," Vanessa said. Depp and Paradis News rift emerged since last year due to never appear together in public. However, they denied the rumors. "The rumors were not true. Of course it's wrong," he said. Before ending the relationship, they lived apart for a month. However, Depp and Paradis have been trying to keep their romance. Unfortunately, the efforts of different partners 10 years of age can not be forwarded.
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