Britney And Her Agent Jason Trawick Did Split ?

Britney And Her Agent

The National Enquirer about Britney Spears and her agent breaking up. He was the one who did the breaking up. Oh, if you read People Magazine you might think they were still together, but if you read it knowing they spin everything you can tell they are finished. Here is the quote from People, and you tell me if they are still together.

“Things are fine – they still maintain a great working relationship and he’s in her life as a great friend as he’s always been. Contrary to recent reports that the two ended their romance, the pair continue their relationship, according to the source. ‘Jason did not break up with Britney. That’s totally false.’ So while they are not exactly headed for the altar, the pair have a great mutual respect for one another.”

BritneySpears+her+agent+ JasonTrawick

It goes on to say that things are very casual between the pair. Does the above quote sound like a couple that is a couple? I don’t think so. Score one for The Enquirer.
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