Sharon Stones Lips Injections


Sharon Stone has revealed that she's had her lips augmented by a plastic surgeon in the past...and didn't like it. According to

“Nobody loves me. I’m 103. My life would be better if I had better lips,” she said in the interview. She had something - the name of which she can’t quite remember - pumped into her bottom lip.
How did she feel about it?
Well to be frank, like asking, “What the hell?" Stone added that her lips became so plump they didn't match, and even lip gloss wouldn’t stay on. She said she looked “like a trout,” and promised never to get plastic surgery again.

I wonder if she decided this before or after having a breast augmentation? Click here for my previous post showing a photo which may reveal her breast implants.

It's easy for celebs to reveal they've had minor cosmetic injections and didn't like them. What about admitting they've had major surgery and liked the results?
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