Against Bullying , Lady Gaga go to Obama for meet

Lady Gaga wants to meet U.S. President Barack Obama to convince him to discuss crime laws intimidation following a suicide that had just occurred children 14 years old who are victims of violence, Jamey Rodemeyer.


The "Born This Way" Singer was very confused with the death that befell Jamey Rodemeyer from Buffalo, New York. Jamey suicide on Sunday, September 18. Jamey end her life because no robust survive many years with ridicule of his sexuality.

Gaga is a supporter of gay rights sent a petition to the Obama wants to make laws related to psychological violence that hit at any age.

"I am sure will meet with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it," tweet Gaga.

"The last days of this I reflect, cry, and scream. I was very angry. It's hard to feel love when the atrocities experienced in one's life," he said again, as reported by Femalefirst, Friday (23/9/201).

Jamey Rodemeyer inner end of life because of violence receives. This is a hate crime. Jamey regularly writes on his blog about the bullying. He suffered at school, but also followed her tormentors in the virtual world and make a few messages on social media sites Formspring. Jamey being told 'gay' and 'ugly'. That pushed him to commit suicide.

On Saturday night before he died, Jamey post, "Do not forget me when I came crying to the door of heaven" from the song Gaga The Queen. Jamey also wrote that he greatly admired Gaga.

In the last line of his writings, he claimed not wait to see her grandmother who had peacefully in heaven. A few hours after posting the article, Jamey was found dead with tragic results.
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