Celebrity Reckless Driving: Paris Hilton Behind Bars

You think with fame and fortune, you can get away from criminal acts without cleaning up your own mess or without paying the price? I don’t think so because money can’t buy everything! The 26-year-old famous Hollywood celebrity and a hotel heiress is now paying the price for violating probation about her reckless driving while under the influence of alcohol - she is now checked into Los Angeles County Jail for three long weeks!

Paris Hilton was ordered to check into the all-female Century Regional Detention Facility. She was allocated with the booking number 9818783. You can laugh out loud now because she will be spending her three weeks with all the 2,000 inmates in the facility with much contact as expected. Oh yes, no special treatment for the hotel heiress is granted!

Before she served her sentence in jail, she had time to participate and appear on the MTV Movie Awards. She was the usual Paris with a strapless black dress that evening and she told the Associate Press that she was really scared but she’s ready to face her sentence! Way to go Paris!

The law shouldn’t be taken for granted nor abused even thou you’re a famous personality or whatsoever. As the famous line goes from Peter Parker’s uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility!” We should all be aware of that and we hope Paris learns her lesson now!
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