American Idol "Most Hopefuls" Heading Into The Final 20


Think you know who is going to win American Idol? The oddsmakers think they do too. The folks from Paddy Power released odds this past week on who will win American Idol Season 7. Coupled with's own expertise, we will produce the ultimate list.

David Archuleta - The young polite refreshing youth has more than cute looks that will make all the girls swoon. He's got an incredibly powerful voice that does not appear to be coming from this youth. He was a favorite from Day One, even before the first odds were released. Archuleta also received plenty of "on air" exposure heading into the Final 24. With a payout potential of $5 for every $2 bet, he's definitely someone we would put our money down on at one of the online gambling sites offering odds. Since Paddy Power is one of the few, he's our first choice. Savvy American Idol gamblers know to place bets on a few of the "most likely" winners at various online gambling websites (most of these will be offering American Idol betting odds as we get closer to the Final 12). There is an ironic kicker with Paddy Power. They do not accept American Idol bets from Americans.

Michael Johns - Another Idol with the "whole package". With a payout potential of $11 for every $4 bet, you gotta love Michael Johns chances - and your own payout odds. Unfortunately for the native Australian, the folks "down under" can't vote, but they can watch. He'll get enough support from the States though. Johns "got it" according to sharp-tongued judge, Simon Cowell.

Asia'h Epperson - It amazes us that this sultry performer - another one with the full package - is only listed with 10-1 odds at Paddy Power. That's a payout of $1000 for every $100 bet should she happen to win...and she's probably the most likely of the female contestants at this juncture in time. "Certainly looks the part of an Idol, and if she can improve her diction, she's a threat to go all the way," writes Michael Slezak of Entertainment Weekly

Carly Smithson - There has been a lot of hype about Carly Smithson coming into the Top 24 competition. She's the female from Ireland who previously enjoyed a record contract, that ultimately failed. Supposedly, the record company folded but her debut only sold a few hundred records. Still, she's a force - even if Simon didn't like her last week. The other judges claimed it was the best vocal yet. Not surprisingly, Carly's odds have shorted to 8-1 in her native Ireland after being listed in double digits.

Ramiele Malubay - She doesn't quite have the stage presence or the "it" factor of those above yet, but neither did last year's Idol winner, Jordin Sparks, this early in the game. What Ramiele does have is a powerful voice in a tiny little body and that will take her far into the competition. How far remains to be seen. She's listed as the favorite among the girls at Paddy with 5-1 odds.

Jason Castro - Slezak asks the million dollar question: "How do you go from invisible contestant with no pre-semifinal airtime to the week's buzz-worthiest hopeful? By taking the stage with your guitar and delivering a sweet, understated take on the Lovin' Spoonful hit ''Daydream,'' then showcasing a delightfully hippie vibe in your post-performance interview." He's listed with 8-1 odds at Paddy Power.

David Hernandez - He's not the best but he proved last week he can sing at least. Hernandez opened the show with a near flawless performance - though it was hardly something that had us on the edge of our seats. The important thing to realize here is he's listed with 50-1 odds for the potential to pay out $5000 on every $100 bet at Paddy Power. A dollar pays $50! This is the furthest the dollar might be able to go a few months from now...if only Paddy Power accepted US players.

Robbie Carrico - The jury is still out as to whether this is the new "Chris Daughtry". He's got the looks, the rocker ability and he once dated Britney Spears we've since learned. Last week's performance of "One" was memorable because we are still remembering it and couldn't get the song out of our heads. Wilst, he's a keeper.
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