Selma Blair Wants An Old, Tom Cruise Loving Sugar Daddy

If I cut my hair and people came up to me thinking I was Tom Cruise, those people would walk away from me thinking Tom Cruise is crazier than he actually is. He does seem really crazy doesn’t he? Do you ever worry though that maybe he knows everything and that he is totally right and that we are the crazy ones? Maybe there were volcanoes and aliens and psychology is destroying the world. I need something more simple to think about. Like Selma Blair. Who, according to the latest issue of Elle magazine gets frequently stopped by people who think she is Tom Cruise.

I know we all want Tom Cruise to be walking down the street wearing a purse, and high heels and the occasional skirt, but wanting it to be so and the reality of it happening are slim for now. So, I worry about people when they see Selma Blair and think she is Tom Cruise. Then I saw the photo above, and stopped worrying for them, and wonder how many people I have tapped on the shoulder thinking they were a woman, but were really a man, or if that woman with the big adam’s apple was really a woman, and if I go back to sleep can I forget about the whole crazy night.

Selma says :it happens when people come up from behind her because her hair is shorter in the back and she struts around a little like Napoleon. Since it has begun to happen she does wear more high heels now, but apparently that still doesn’t stop the taps on the shoulders.

Well if one of those people is an old, wealthy investment banker, she will dress up like Tom Cruise if that is what they want. Seems as if Selma is done with the hippie and hippie offspring thing and instead wants to find some retired investment banker, preferably from Europe, and obviously with a strong Tom Cruise fetish to fill.

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