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oscar 2008

The Ben Affleck wife,Jennifer Garner used wrong shoes, Toilet as her favorite place
this happened might in the stage be still being organised and trained for several days before the peak night, on Sunday (24/2).
But, the behaviour affair of the celebrities behind the stage was clearly other related.the silver screen not their guarantee not nervous in the Academy Award stage.

Marion Cotillard was seen most startled when descending the stage after accepting Oscar's cup for the best actress.
He was at once welcomed by the warm embrace the actor Forest Whitaker.
They embraced almost one minute, then gazed at each other, and exploded their laughter.
"I trembled.
This wow, extraordinary," she said.

The same surprise was felt by Tilda Swinton, the winner of the best supporting actress.
The English actress only could say "wow, wow, wow,".
He in fact forgot the envelope was inscribed with his name as the winner.
Therefore, the actor Alan Larkin that was assigned to announce his name until must pursue Swinton.
"Oh OK, this his proof (the victory)," said Swinton.

The concern was also felt by Katherine Heigl.
The star 27 of Dresses indeed did not joke during in the stage said concerned.
After the screen, when being asked about his situation by someone crew, Heigl only said, "I needed cigarettes."

Bad torque was also felt by Cameron Diaz.
The former sweetheart Justin Timberlake could not say cinematography words fluently.
"I did not read out his category correctly," said Diaz to Amy Adams.

The master of ceremonies Jon Stewart also had the special method of releasing relief just as Oscar ended and the stage curtain was closed.
With the writers, Stewart gathered and gave congratulations.
"You carried out the extraordinary work, really good," said Stewart to his crew.and
celebrity female said :
"i can understands pal..."
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