Razzies Dress Down Lohan, Murphy

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The Razzies excoriated the young actress, dishonoring her and her box-office flop, I Know Who Killed Me, with a record eight spray-painted trophies, including Worst Picture.

Eddie Murphy's Norbit notched three "wins," with its star a one-man band in the acting categories, winning just about everything, including Worst Supporting Actress.

Between I Know Who Killed Me and Norbit, there was room to belittle only other movie. That fate befell Daddy Day Camp, the Murphy-less followup to Daddy Day Care, named Worst Prequel or Sequel.

In scoring, if that's the word, eight Razzies, I Know Who Killed Me displaced former bad-movie standard-bearers Showgirls and Battlefield Earth, which "won" seven each.

Compared to Showgirls and Battlefield Earth, two infamous, high-profile disasters, I Know Who Killed Me was a little film, quietly and quickly dying at the box office late last summer. Only Lohan's drug-related arrest three days before its opening briefly put the critically dismissed movie in the spotlight.

But there is no such thing as flying below the Razzies' radar. Some 750 voting members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation piled it on I Know Who Killed Me. Among the film's "honors" were: Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay and, owing to the group's belief that the movie was a badly played riff on Hostel, Saw and, um, The Patty Duke Show, Worst Remake or Rip-Off.

Lohan took her lumps, too. The two biggest: She was named Worst Actress and Worst Actress—once for playing a kidnap victim named Aubrey and once again for a stripper named Dakota, who looked like Aubrey.
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