Marion cotillard: the best celebrity female on academy awards 2008


8PM: Red-carpet show on ABC - Regis Philbin is hosting, with classic Philbin mania. First interview: Geroge Clooney, who is with girlfriend Sarah Lawson. Clooney hijacks the interview by asking how Notre Dame basketball did, Philbin closes out by asking for an invite to Clooney's Italian villa.

Then Shaun Robinson interviews Best Actress nominee Marion Cotillard - wearing a stunning mermaid style Jean-Paul Gaultier dress - charming and sweet. Brooke Burke speaks with John Travolta and Kelly Preston; apparently it's not the night to ask about Tom Cruise's Scientology video.

Best Actress nominee Laura Linney briefly chats to Regia, then Best Supporting Actor nominee Javier Bardem fends what must be the billionth question about the Anton Chigurh hairstyle. All these interviews are so stilted! Miley Cyrus is now talking to Regis - why? Because Hannah Montana is a Disney show, and ABC is owned by Disney. Then again, the Hannah Montana concert movie was #1 at the box office a few weeks ago.

Guh, Brooke Burke refers to Juno as the "little indie that could" when talking to Jennifer Garner. How do the folks behind Little Miss Sunshine feel? Anyway, Garner, who is excellent in Juno, gives a shout out to her stylist - and Nicole Richie's enemy - Rachel Zoe. Helen Mirren is witty and classy when chatting with Regis.

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