Paris Hilton making out with Elisha Cuthbert

Thanks to Britney Spears this piece of gossip was buried underneath reports of laxative and motorcades. I smell conspiracy. Apparently Paris Hilton was spotted making out with Elisha Cuthbert at Tenjune in New York. Us Magazine reports:

Hilton was there for a birthday party and was seen dancing on banquets. “It’s Paris,” says the source. “She loves putting on a show.”

First off, two girls kissing! Woo-hoo! Okay, now that the formalities are out of the way, I’m a little disappointed there’re no pictures of these two making out. Not counting the ones in my mind. Except I swapped Paris with Hayden Panettiere and, also, the two aren’t making out in a nightclub as much as a Jacuzzi full of applesauce. So basically I’m imaging they’re on a second date. Or, in my case, a first date. Watch out!

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